February 24, 2010

The EU's peace

One of the commonest myths used by EU-philes as an argument is that the EU has kept the peace in Europe. When probed this turns into the more accurate statement that the Americans sometimes used the EU as a way of bribing countries to keep NATO together, which really did keep the peace in Europe. This is the peace the EU has actually created, mass strikes and riots as a direct result of one of the cornerstones of the EU edifice. The strikes and riots will continue to break out, and to spread to countries other than Greece, as long as the EU continues to force them into debt-deflation.

February 15, 2010

BBC Bias

Why is it so difficult for some people to beleive that the BBC has biases, just like every other media organisation?

February 10, 2010

Labour's immigration policy

Oh dear, it turns out that Labour's unlimited immigration policy was to do with social engineering and the fact that recent immigrants tend to vote Labour. Well they appear to have sucessfully engineered the rise of the BNP, we now have two BNP fascists in the EUropean Parliament, plus the Respect fascist in Westminster. Nice one guys. Perhaps if they hadn't gone quite so hell for leather at cramming as many people in as quickly as possible we could have got the benefits of immigration without the fascist backlash.